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Members are expected to participate in all functions and activities of the Krewe. It is expected that each member is supportive and active in the philosophy and activities of the Krewe.


Members are responsible to:

Provide the president with written notification of resignation of membership from the Krewe. Attend the annual business meeting of the Krewe, meetings called forth by the board of directors, and meetings called forth from petition of the membership. Participate in elections of officers and elections to fill membership vacancies. Attend each special event provided by the Krewe for the membership; and to attire in the Krewe member costume (St. Denis style, hat, mask, hat, etc.), tuxedo, theme costume, or other attire specifically designated for the occasion by the Krewe's Board of Directors. Pay annual dues. Pay special financial assessments and fines.Serve in any reasonable capacity designated by the Krewe (i.e., committee chairman, Court member, officer, etc.). Submit names of persons to be considered for the Court should there be a vacancy after considering daughters and sons of members.


As a committee member, contact chair or co-chair to gain understanding of duties of the committee and to obtain applicable datelines. Attend meetings called by committee chairs or co-chairs. Complete all jobs assigned by committee chairs or co-chairs. Attend all work sessions announced by committee chairs or co-chairs.


As a committee chair: Meet with event committee chairs to review plans for the forthcoming event and obtain budget amounts.Communicate with other members of the standing committee, via a meeting or by phone, and review work to be done and datelines to be met. Periodically evaluate progress of work to ensure that datelines will be met. Periodically inform event committee of progress being made.Ensure that expenditures of the committee stay within budgeted amounts. Excessive spending by the event committee must be approved in advance. Make every effort to conserve funds. Jobs that can be done by our own people should not be hired out to outsiders. If the committee can do the work and save money, it should do so.Secure and submit to the treasurer an invoice for all expenditures. Invoices must be submitted to the treasurer not later than April 1. Invoices will not be paid if submitted after April 1.


As a float Lieutenant:Ensure that all members of the float Lieutenant's float committee are at the correct place doing the called for activity throughout the Tableau (obtain a reminder list from the director of the Tableau). Direct the float and its members during the parade. Select a helper from the float committee. (Hopefully, a driver will be hired.) Attend any Parade/Float Committee meetings.Participate in Tableau rehearsals.

Krewe membership directory for 2019-2020
Here is your complete Krewe Membership List (compete with email addresses) for 2019-2020
Krewe Membership 20192020.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [513.3 KB]
Krewe Reimbursement Ruequest Form
Please use the Krewe Reimbursement Request Form when you submit a request for reimbursement for funds you personally used to sponsor a krewe event.
Reimb. Req. Form 2018-2019.xls
Microsoft Excel sheet [29.0 KB]
Standing Committee Assignments 2019-2020
Here is the revised and latest Standing Committee Assignments that replaces all previous lists.
Committee List 2019-2020.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [46.2 KB]
2020 Troupe Assignments List
Here is your Troup assignments list for 2020. Please check it and be prepared to contact your Troupe Lieutenant chair for information about the float and your participation.
Troupe Committees 20192020.xls
Microsoft Excel sheet [39.5 KB]
Krewe Budget 2018-2019
Here is the krewe budget for 2017-2018. Remember to stay within the dollars allotted for parties and expenditures.
Budget 20182019.xls
Microsoft Excel sheet [30.5 KB]

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