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Tableau Rehearsal: Thursday, Feb. 13, 2020                                                 Natchitoches Events Center

                                            Rehearsal begins after court pictures                                                 are taken (12:30 p.m.) or about 2:30 p.m.

Royalty Party:          Friday, Feb. 14, 2020                                                  6:30 p.m.  Natchitoches Events                                       Center

The 2020 ball:        Saturday, Feb, 15  2020                                           Natchitoches Events Center

The 2020 ball theme: "Sequins & Bow Ties on Broadway"

The annual membership meeting is the first Sunday of May. The purpose is to discuss issues such as membership, krewe membership fees and changes, if necessary, in the bylaws.  In addition, discussions may relate to upcoming events or special parties not part of the four scheduled krewe parties each year.

Tableau Time Line

Parade/Merrymakers/Second Line Role In Tableau

5:30 No guests in arena prior to this time

5:00 Parade Director .... Close front roll down doors to arena - place a sign in front of door Station a guard and barricade in the hall along side roll down doors - place a sign and instruct the guard that ....... ONLY MEMBERS AND WIVES ARE ALLOWED DOWN THE HALL.... GUESTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE THE HALL BEFORE 7:30....

6:00 - 6::15 Members arrive at dressing room

6:30 Deadline for members to bring food to arena....use back doors after 5:00

6:30 Parade Director opens front roll down doors for guests to begin seating

6:30 Begin guest seating

7:00 Members dressed and ready for merrymakers parade

7:15 Move to floats...... Members move from dressing room to their floats Maids, Dukes, Belle, Captain, King and Queen move from tableau line up to the floats

7:15 Guests should be seated by this time

7:15 Line up parade..... Parade Director moves police car/honor guard to roll down door Float Chairs move their floats in line for parade Float Chairs make sure the members have their beads and are with their float

7:25 Parade lined up at entrance to arena and ready for parade

7:30 Narrator announces parade.... Parade Director moves parade into arena Police Car circles floor one time then exit area Floats circle floor two times then exit arena Members throw beads as they circle floor..... Beads will be hung on float in two halves – one for each circle of floor Throw beads to guests – DO NOT THROW ON TABLES OR DISHES Walkers slow down and interact with guests When floats exit the arena move them to parking area.... Immediately help Captain, Belle, Maids, King and Queen exit the floats - move to rear tableau line up area in rear hall Members walk to their arena seat for tableau

7:45 Tableau continues ...... As a court participant passes a member, stand and give a hat sweep

8:40 Call out Dance.... There is only one call out dance......only members and wives All guests remain seated for the call out dance After the call out dance members will return to their seats while wives exit the arena to prep for the second line. Daughters and granddaughters who are previous court members and will participate in the second line exit the arena with the wife

8:45 Second Line.... All guests remain seated during the second line. Belle leads the second line into the arena and moves right to circle the floor When the last person in the line completes one circle of the floor, the music stops and all second line participants go directly to their seats

8:50 Grand Finale... Members will not participate in grand finale All guests remain seated until the end of the grand finale.....which ends the tableau

12:15 Ball ends

General Notes

Members, in order for the tableau to flow smoothly, help your guests to understand these guidelines: NO INTERMISSION DURING TABLEAU!! Pre tableau, prior to 7:30 p.m., and post tableau, after 8:50 p.m., are intermission times. Except for standing for the king and queen, guests are expected to remain seated until after the tableau ends. No smoking in the building or live candles on tables. Guests begin seating through the roll down doors at 6:30 p.m. Floats are moved to event center Wednesday morning, February 12. Troupe Float Chairs, coordinate with Chad Methvin for trailer and time. Golf carts are delivered to event center Thursday morning, February 13 at approximately 9 a.m. The floats must be hooked to floats and decorated by each troupe. All the materials to decorate each golf cart were stored on the floats following last year’s tableau/ball.. Parade Rehearsal will be at 5:00 Thursday afternoon, February 13. The Parade Director and Co Directors, Troupe Lieutenants, Toupe Float Chairs, Captain, Belle, Maids, King, Queen and golf cart drivers are required to attend the parade rehearsal. . Chad Methvin, as Parade Director, will be in charge of rehearsal and in making sure everyone attends. The Captain, Belle, Maids, King and Queen must be in costume to practice loading onto the floats. The Dukes should accompany the Maids to provide assistance and safety for the practice. Beads are loaded on the floats immediately following parade rehearsal. Remember to put half the beads on each side of the hangers at the back of the float. Also, two baskets holding soft throws should be on each side of the floats for the member riders.. One basket and a hanger should be loaded for the top two float riders.

PLEASE NOTE CHANGES TO SECURITY PROTOCOL: Guests will be required to present tickets for entry. All guests MUST be 21 years of age for entry. IDS must be presented to Security Staff if requested. 

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